Find the Perfect Gift for Mom

They rocked us when we were babies, made our school lunches as grew, and are still available for heart-to-heart chats—no matter how late in the night it may be. Celebrate the moms in your life with a gift that shows you care about her and her interests. No matter what your mom enjoys, we’ve found the perfect gifts to let her know you care.

If She Likes…Relaxing at the End of the Day

She’ll Love…An Irish Blessing Cushion Cover

Any mom, whether she’s of Irish heritage or not, can appreciate the heartfelt words of this age-old blessing. Plus, this decorative pillow cover adds color and comfort to any room.

If She Likes…Exploring the Outdoors

She’ll Love…A Trinity Shamrock Jacket

If your mom loves adventure, this shamrock-embellish jacket can come in handy for a stroll, hike, bike, or even just running errands around town (which can be an adventure in itself!).

If She Likes…Irish Dance

She’ll Love…A Celebration of Irish Dance Charm Bracelet

Perhaps your loved one enjoyed Irish dance as a child or has always admired those who perform it. This bracelet celebrates all things Irish Dance with charms that feature hard shoes, soft shoes, the Trinity knot, and a recycle symbol with a heart.

If She Likes…Cooking for Her Family

She’ll Love…An Irish Kitchen Prayer Cross

This cross, which reads “Bless us with good food, the gift of gab and hearty laughter. May the love and joy we share be with us ever after,” is a sweet reminder of the times we share enjoying homemade favorites with family and friends around the table.

If She Likes…Curling Up with a Good Book

She’ll Love…Wise Irish Women

Written to inspire and revive, Wise Irish Women shares the stories of 36 women—all of whom have a deep connection to Ireland. These short stories are the relaxing and refreshing way for mom to start or end the day.

If She Likes…Being Fashion Forward

She’ll Love…The Mary Day Cross Body Bag

Perfect for the mom who is always on the go, this leather bag is embossed with eternal knot work to showcase its carrier’s Irish pride. Available in black or brown.

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  1. I would like to buy the pillow cover, but I would pay the extra money if you sent the cushion with it!!! Can you do that? Carole

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