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Do you consider yourself to be a collector? Whether you know it or not—you probably are. It doesn’t take hundreds of something to have a collection; in fact, just a few pieces can qualify as a bona fide collection.

However, it requires a bit more thought—and often research or actual physical searching—to create a meaningful collection. We love the idea of building a collection to reflect your heritage, including pieces that can be passed down with stories of generations past and present. And, we’ve got a sweet idea for a collection that Irish women and men of all ages are sure to love, Belleek Pottery.




Handcrafted Pieces

For 160 years, Belleek Pottery has been handcrafting beautiful place settings, mugs, vases, lamps, and their iconic intricately detailed baskets. Their factory is located in County Fermanagh on the edge of Northern Ireland. Here, they not only create their works of art, but also offer an onsite museum of pieces and tours so you can fully immerse yourself in the history of the brand. If you’re of Irish descent, chances are you already have a piece of Belleek in your home. The creamware pieces often feature the Claddagh, simple knot work, or green shamrocks as seen on their Four Leaf Clover Basket.




Faith Finds

If you want to add a Christian perspective to your collection, Belleek has numerous pieces to honor your faith. For example, we love this Irish Blessing Gift Box and the Blessed Virgin Mary Statue. You’ll also find more seasonal nativity scenes and angels that will call to mind your faith each time you see them.




Personalize Your Collection

This October, Belleek and Creative Irish Gifts are giving you the opportunity to grow your Belleek Pottery collection (or a loved one’s!) with an exclusive signing event. Now through September 28th you have the opportunity to purchase a Belleek Personalized Bauble.

Then, on Thursday, October 4th from 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. CST, a Master Artist from the Belleek Factory will be conducting a live signing of the pieces via our Facebook page. Plus, the artisans will be giving tours of the historic Belleek factory during the live streaming.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to start or add to your Irish-influenced collection, and be sure to tune in to Facebook to watch the event. Click here to learn more or purchase a piece.

4 thoughts on “Start Your Own Irish-Influenced Collection”

  1. I found a piece that matches with that teapot in a thrift store months ago and knew right away what it was before I even picked it up to double check. Sure enough it was a Belleek piece. Bought it for a few dollars. I couldn’t believe someone gave it away like that. I have it sitting on a shelf next to a cup from Ireland that I found in the same store. I hope to add more to those beautiful pieces.

  2. I do have a collection of Belleek – and I love and cherish each piece !! Many years ago, my husband being born / raised in Belfast started my collection – my first and most loved piece is the Harp. It has a very special place as it was the FIRST piece and was given to me by my husband. At present I have 68 pcs. – ALL with the Shamrock detail. I am sure, being of Irish heritage – both my parents were born there – this collection means so much. In addition, so many pieces were gifts from my husband who has since passed on, and from family / friends that I treasure this collection so. One other piece always stands out as N.Y. will always be “home” to me, is a plate commemorating the tragedy of “9/11” !! I have numerous vases – I have The Tower, Irish Coffee cups, 2 beautiful clocks, a lamp – I could go on and on, but – you get the picture! I have run out of space in my Entertainment Center – so, I have not purchased anything in a while – except 2 small angels – one for my daughter-in-law and one for me. If I see something really unusual, I just know I will find a “spot” for it !! By the way, I love your Irish stories !!

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